Top 10 Good Morning Wishes and Good Luck Wishes

Good Morning Wishes10 Good Morning Wishes

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1: Every Sunset Gives us, One less day to live.

But Every sunrise gives us, One more day to hope.

So Hope for the best and have a Good Day, Good Luck 

Good Morning 
2 : Good Morning Friends ! May your Pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May Good Luck Pursue You each morning and Each Night.

Good Morning
3 : “Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.”

Good Morning Dear Friend 
4 : “When you start each day with a grateful heart, Light Illuminates from Within”

Good Morning and Have a Great Day
5 : How to Have a Lovely Day ?
Slow Down
Smile at Strangers
Give Lot of compliments
Dress Nicely
Wear Nice Perfume
Observe and Listen
Be Charming
Wish Others a Lovely Day
Have a Good Morning
6 : Everyday may not be Good. But There is good in Everyday. So keep Smiling and Have a Good Day

Good Morning

7 : Good Morning

Let your soul expand, Let your heart reach out to others in loving & generous warmth. Great and lasting will be your Joy. And Prosperity will come to You.

Best of Luck 
8 : When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive,  to breathe, to think and to Enjoy Life.

Good Morning 
9 : “Stop thinking of what could go wrong and start thinking of what could go right”

Good Morning and Best of Luck for Your Day
10: "When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and the most of the audience sleeps.”
So start your Day with a hope for Good.
Good Morning.

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10 Good Luck WishesGood Morning Wishes

Inspirational Good Luck Wishes are true words of wisdom that often encourage everybody to welcome the brand new morning with Energy and Compassion, hope, and enthusiasm. These Good Luck Wishes give you the best motivation energy to welcome the beauty of a brand morning


1: Courage And Determination Can Pass Even The Steepest Of The Mountains And Deepest Of The Oceans. Know Your Strengths And Ward Off Your Weaknesses. Raise Above All Odds And Work Hard For A Better Future. 
Good Luck
2: Fly in the plane of ambition; Land in the airport of success. The luck’s yours, the wish is mine; May your future always shine. Good Luck.
3: Never say u r happy when u r sad.. never say u r fine when u r not ok.. never say u feel good when u feel bad,.. never say u r alone when i m still alive... good luck and best wishes for ever.
4 : The candle of hope is the source of light for success in life so don’t loose it. Failures try to blow it out but try to guard it with both your hands. Good Luck to you.
5: May the grace of God be with you, protecting you always from any harm! Best wishes and good luck!
6: Look at your bad grades just like at your ex -be absolutely sure that you can do much better. All the best for your exams!

Best Of LUCK 
6: I don’t see how there’s any chance that someone like you can fail, but I’ll say good luck to you anyway just in case you need a little.
Best of Luck to you.
7: We would wish you luck, but we know that what you are trying to do requires so much more. You must have the determination and work very hard.

Good Morning & Good Luck 
8: We are able to have some awesome dreams by seeing your dreams become reality, so we truly wish you all the success you can have. We are wishing us all the best of luck and have a Great Day.

Best of Luck
9: Finding such a strong purpose and dream in your life the way you have serves to inspire those around you. In some ways, you have already been a success even in your pursuit of greatness. Congratulations on your accomplishments so far, and good luck on your inspiring future.
10: May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.
And find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you luck, happiness and riches.
Today, tomorrow and beyond.

Good Luck

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